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Far Infrared Wave Clinical Treatments in Japan

Dr. Toshiba Yamazaki, MD, owns a clinic in Japan where she continues her medical research. In her book "The Science of Far Infrared Wave Therapies", she discusses the scientific principles of FIR treatment and she lists many interesting clinical case histories. Since the book is in Japanese, I am going to translate a couple of interesting cases for your information.

Treatment For Cancer

"Mr. "I" is 63 years old with cancer of the esophageal orifice. Ever since he was young, he enjoyed all sorts of gourmet food and alcohol. Furthermore, he was a heavy smoker. He lived the kind of life that would eventually lead him into this type of illness. On April 5th, 1979, he came to my clinic complaining about chest pains on both sides. He said that he had an X-ray examination on his stomach by a previous physician and was told that it was normal. However, from listening to his symptoms, l doubted the so-called "normal" diagnosis. Upon examining him in our clinic, we noticed slight abnormalities and disorders in his neck and spinal bones around the waist. At the same time, from a blood test, we detected cirrhosis of the liver and chronic liver inflammation. We thought that it probably was the result of alcohol consumption.

Furthermore, the response to cancer was positive and based upon the test results of the "alpha-phosphate-protein", his liver condition seemed to be the result of problems occurring in other organs. We recommended a more detailed examination of his stomach, but we were refused. Then we sent him to a nearby radiology specialist for several X-ray shots of his spine. We explained the situation to the radiologist and requested him to some how take X-rays of his stomach. Taking pictures of his spine, neck, and waist, the doctor was successful in obtaining the X-ray pictures of his esophagus and stomach. The doctor called me immediately over the phone to inform me of the cancer of the esophageal orifice. Not only that, he told me that Mr. "I" would probably only have about one and a half months to live.

The doctor thought that Mr. "l" had left already, so he was rather frank and straight forward over the phone. Importunely, Mr. "I" was still in the waiting room waiting for his cab to arrive. So he heard everything! He came straight back to my office with the copies of the X-rays, completely depressed, and reported what he had heard.

I told him of a similar case where a patient with cancer of the esophagus was completely cured by tenaciously following the treatment procedure. And I was able to convince Mr. "I" to follow through with the treatment with us.

In those days, for his chest pain, Mr. "I" was taking aspirin family pain killers which were later taken off the market by the Ministry of Public Welfare because of their cancer causing side effects. Our conclusion was that Mr. "l" was suffering from the toxins produced by this aspirin family pain killer, and his cancer was caused directly by this medicine.

So the first steps were to excrete the poison that was the cause of the intoxication, to destroy the cancer cells, and to help him manage the pain. We employed a far infrared wave sauna to excrete the accumulated poison. The sauna method was selected for its ability to excrete poison and to suppress the growth of cancer cells through high temperature treatment by penetrating far infrared wave heat.

The treatment had tremendous effects on the chest pains. Perhaps because of the great amount of perspiration and the excretion of the accumulated harmful substances and the old wastes, he felt better every day. Since a high amount of perspiration also excretes valuable body minerals such as potassium, we paid special attention to his diet. The human body has to maintain a proper balance of potassium and sodium.

Mr. "I', who was diagnosed to live approximately one and a half months more, was discharged from the clinic after a 3 month stay.

Mr. "I" is a former wrestler. He weighed in over 220 pounds with a beautiful pot belly.

When he came to my clinic, he had a fist-sized bulge in the middle of his belly from stomach cancer. Moreover, since he was over 70 years old, he was told that they could not operate on him. He came to my clinic after he was told that he had only 3 more months to live.

Because of his obesity, we considered weight reduction. While watching a balanced diet, he underwent far infrared sauna treatment, losing about 45 pounds in two months. Furthermore, through the heat treatment effect of the far infrared sauna, the tumor got smaller in two month, and his stomach pains were reduced within a few days. Since his body strength was not down at this point, we gave him cancer suppressing pills and continued the daily heat therapy by far infrared waves. Originally stiff and hard belly walls gradually .become soft and his appetite increased. With improved results, the cancer suppressing pills were stopped, fearing any side effects.

As a result of continued treatment in the clinic for one year, he was well enough to be discharged.

The fact that these kinds of serious patients could save their lives with virtually no symptoms can support the effectiveness of the heat treatment by far infrared waves.

Treatment of other diseases

Besides cancer, Dr. Yamazaki reports successful treatments of many other diseases by use of FIR waves, treatments not only by her but also by many other doctors. The list of diseases includes: stress induced chronic diarrhea; numbness; shoulder, back, and knee pain; rheumatism; low blood pressure; diabetes; radiation exposure related diseases; asthma; etc.

Dr. Yamazaki attributes the successes of the FIR wave treatments to the capability of FIR waves to remove toxins from the body. This may be an oversimplification, but in general, toxins in our body are acidic. Where the toxins are accumulated, blood circulation Is blocked. Therefore FIR wave treatment Is effective in expanding clogged up capillary vessels and successfully dissolving the hidden toxins into the blood and eventually out of the body via urine and perspiration.

I am not recommending people to buy FIR saunas or sleeping pads to cure their own diseases. What I am hoping is that more American doctors will experiment with new ideas, and treat their patients in the direction of helping their own body to heal their diseases1 by strengthening their immune system or by removing acidic toxins. Too much emphasis is on the conventional treatment, which uses drugs to 'destroy' the unwanted elements at any cost. Usually the cost is our own immune system.

In the meantime, wise people can use these devices such as alkaline water makers, FIR saunas, FIR sleeping pads, etc., to prevent the accumulation of toxins and acidic wastes for the purpose of staying young and healthy forever.

Infrared Treatment Device

Infrared heat is not conduction heat but rather radiation heat; therefore, it can penetrate the skin. Since it has the characteristics of drying substances, it has been used for some time as a warming and /or drying treatment device. Recently they have been used as under the blanket warming devices. Unless it is used at an uncomfortably high temperature, it is safe to use for any extended time. Its main effect is deep heating. It is good for rejuvenation, improved blood circulation, relieving stiff and tired muscles, neuralgia, activating digestive organs, etc..

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